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Frequently Asked Questions

Which axial industrial fan is suitable for cooling towers and air cooled heat exchangers?

The Swifter® CTX Series is ideally suited for cooling towers, air cooled heat exchangers, industrial radiators, chillers, condensers and evaporators. This series is available in diameters ranging from 5 feet to 40 feet, in 4 to 16-bladed configurations .

Which axial industrial fan is suitable for general purposes HVAC, exhaust, agricultural, or other outdoor, corrosive or hazardous applications?

The Swifter® SW/SE Series is available in diameters ranging from 20 inches to 60 inches, in 2 to 8 bladed configurations and can be used in a wide variety of applications, including commercial HVAC, exhaust, agriculture, livestock, spray booths, paint booths, industrial parts washers, small cooling towers, radiators, diesel generators, misting fans, marine applications, greens maintenance, ventilators, air washers, humidifiers, small chillers, small condensers, and evaporators.

Which industrial fan is suitable for cooling very large spaces, such as warehouses?

The Swifter® HVLS Series is the perfect solution. This HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) Industrial Ceiling Fan is available in 10 foot, 12 foot, 14 foot and 16 foot diameters and can circulate large volumes of air efficiently. Applications include industrial warehouses, manufacturing plants, big box stores, dairy sheds, gymnasiums, sports arenas, theaters, airports, and many other types of commercial buildings.

Are performance curves available? Is there a fan selection or fan sizing program?

State-of-the-art fan selection or fan sizing programs are available on our website. There is no need to download software or order a CD. The online programs provide all possible fan selections for the required duty points. Our website has two fan selection programs available, one for industrial axial flow fan selection software (5' to 40' dia.) and one for impeller fan selection software (20" - 60" dia).

Axial Flow Fan Basics and Fan Laws

Click on the links below to access reference sheets on fan laws and the basics of axial flow fans.

For product-specific FAQs, click on one of the following links: