Solar Powered HVLS Ceiling Fans

Solar Powered HVLS Ceiling Fans

Arjun Agarwal, Vice President, Glocon Inc. talks about the new Swifter® Solar Powered HVLS Hybrid Industrial Ceiling Fan.

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The Swifter® Solar-Powered Industrial Ceiling Fan is the most energy-efficient HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fan on the market. Using patented technology, the unique Hybrid Fan System allows users to operate the ceiling fan on 100% electric grid power OR 100% solar power OR a combination of both grid/solar power (e.g. on days when there is partial sunlight).

An important feature of this solar fan system is that is does NOT use backup batteries. Storing solar power is not easy. Batteries are heavy, clunky and expensive. We designed a system that uses smart embedded controllers to automatically and seamlessly switch from grid to solar power.

The Swifter® HVLS Series Industrial Ceiling Fan is available as a standard AC powered fan. In other words, out-of-the-box, the fan will operate on AC grid power. However, our Swifter® HVLS ceiling fans ship SOLAR-READY. Users can choose to either continue operating on grid power only, OR purchase the optional solar package accessory, OR use existing own solar panels, OR take advantage of the solar option sometime in the future.

No other HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan offers this type of energy-efficient hybrid fan solution. The operating cost of a solar-powered ceiling fan is lower than other HVLS ceiling fans. Whether you’re looking to earn LEED points, lower electricity bills, or advocate the use of an environmentally-conscious green and clean product, Swifter® Solar Powered HVLS Ceiling Fans is the answer for you.