HVLS Fan Media Gallery - Industrial Ceiling Fans for Warehouses

industrial ceiling fans for warehouses

Industrial Fan for Warehouses

The Swifter® HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan is available in 10’, 12’, 14’, and 16’ diameters. These fans are ideal for any type of warehouse facility. The universal mounting system even allows for low-ceiling height installation.

HVLS Ceiling Fan in Dairy/Agricultural Farm

Use the Swifter® HVLS ceiling fan in your agricultural or livestock application, e.g. dairy farms, poultry sheds, etc. Air-conditioning these spaces is not practical nor energy-efficient. With only 3 fan blades, the Swifter® High Volume Low Speed Ceiling Fan can move large volumes of air efficiently and help increase your productivity. Also, these fans are easy to clean and wash-down.

HVLS Ceiling Fans for Airplane Hangars

It can be difficult to install a large industrial fan in high-ceiling facilities such as an airplane hangar or airport, however the Swifter® HVLS Series Industrial Ceiling Fan has a self-hoisting system which makes it easy to install the fan with only a single person. No heavy lifting equipment is required, after the mounting hardware is in place.

Keep Your Outdoor Vegetable Market Cool

The Swifter® HVLS HVLS Ceiling Fans move high volume of air at low speed. Keep workers and customers cool in outdoor facilities or open environment (including sports centers) where traditional A/C systems will not work. Shown in photo: Custom 6-bladed, 20 foot industrial ceiling fan.

Industrial Ceiling Fans for Warehouses or Commercial Buildings

The Swifter® HVLS Ceiling Fan is the best solution for your industrial warehouse or commercial storage facility. Swifter® HVLS Series is easy to clean and maintain. The folding fan blades have a hinge mechanism which allows you to lower the fan down to an open area, and clean one blade at a time. No more expense to close a busy aisle in a big box store or stop production in an assembly plant.