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Frequently Asked Questions for HVLS HVLS Ceiling Fans

What is an HVLS Fan?

HVLS is an acronym for High Volume Low Speed. The Swifter® HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan delivers high volumes of air due to its large span diameter. HVLS Fans are ideal for cooling big open spaces, such as warehouses, commercial buildings, animal barns, big box stores, and other industrial sites.

What makes the Swifter® HVLS Series Industrial Ceiling Fan better than the competitors on the market?

The Swifter® HVLS Series HVLS Ceiling Fans have many unique features which differentiate it from the standard HVLS fans available on the market today. First, these ceiling fans operate on both solar power and grid power, switching seamless from one power source to the other seamlessly, depending on how much sunlight is available; no backup batteries are required! Second, the Swifter® HVLS Fan is a DC fan system; this means it uses a direct drive motor, eliminating the need for a gearbox or speed reducer. Third, since HVLS warehouse fans are very large and heavy, they can be difficult and costly to install; however our HVLS Ceiling Fans use an innovative self-hoisting mechanism. These are only some of the many benefits that are available with the Swifter® HVLS fan series.

What fan sizes are available for these large HVLS Ceiling Fans?

These are not your ordinary ceiling fans. Indeed, they are very big and ideally suited for large warehouses, manufacturing/assembly plants, outdoor barns, aircraft hangars, and other large industrial spaces. Available standard sizes are:

  • 10 ft. ceiling fan
  • 12 ft. ceiling fan
  • 14 ft. ceiling fan
  • 16 ft. ceiling fan

What comes standard with each Swifter® HVLS Fan purchase?

The standard HVLS fan set includes a direct drive motor, 3 high efficiency fiberglass fan blades, 1/2 D down rod, universal power input connector, mounting bracket, wall-mounted control including emergency shut-off switch, auto-interference shut-off safety feature. We also offer custom modifications, such as special mounting brackets, longer or shorter down rod length, or custom controllers.

What accessories are available for the HVLS Ceiling Fan?

The following optional accessories are available with the purchase of any Swifter® HVLS Industrial Fan Set:

  • Solar Package to operate fan on solar panels
  • Hoisting System to easily raise/lower fan for installation or maintenance
  • Invisible Accident Avoidance Shield to sound alarm in case of obstruction

How do you install this HVLS ceiling fan?

We offer direct factory installation packages. Our experienced engineers can install the HVLS fan within a few hours. Please contact us about pricing and scheduling. You also have the option to hire your own licensed local contractor. We can provide consultation services, if necessary.

What are the advantages of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fan blades?

Because metal fans are usually cut from metal sheets and bent to shape, there is a limitation in producing optimum blade profiles. On the other hand, intricate optimized computer-generated aerodynamic blade profiles can be duplicated with precision by molding fiberglass into fan blades that maximize airflow and are more efficient in power demand and airflow output. Furthermore, industrial fiberglass fan blades generally have a longer life span as they are less affected by moisture, humidity and corrosive chemicals. Over time, metal blades may corrode and rust from moisture or chemical exposure.

What about fan noise? Can fiberglass fans provide a low noise solution?

Industrial fiberglass fans that have optimized blade profiles are normally quieter in operation and generate less blade vibration than metal fans.

Why do your HVLS fans have only 3 fan blades?

Swifter® HVLS fans were specifically designed for high performance and high efficiency. Since the fan blades are molded out of fiberglass, we can achieve an optimal airfoil shape to deliver maximum airflow. Competitors use 5, 6, 8 and even 10 fan blades on their HVLS fans; because their fan blades are made out of extruded metal (resulting in the same shape throughout the length of the blade), they require more blades to deliver the airflow needed. Few fan blades means lower cost. An added benefit is that we offer the lowest solidity ratio in the industry, which provides less obstruction with fire sprinkler systems.

Can you customize the fan for my application?

Yes, certain features can be customized. For example, we can change the standard down rod size (shorter or longer), paint the fan blades, or offer custom control options and mounting configurations.