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HVLS Ceiling Fans

What are HVLS Fans

The Swifter® HVLS Industrial Ceiling Fan is a breakthrough product in the field of ventilation. Large warehouses and commercial buildings are difficult to cool. Air conditioning systems are extremely inefficient and are very expensive to operate in large open spaces. Standard small ceiling fans typically found at hardware stores hardly have any cooling effect in large facilities with high ceilings. Floor fans are noisy, present a safety hazard, and occupy valuable floor space. HVLS HVLS Ceiling Fans are ideal for large commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, processing and assembly plants, warehouses, big box stores, large dairy/poultry sheds, sports arenas, aircraft hangars, or any other large indoor or outdoor facility.

How do HVLS Fans Work

The principle behind HVLS fans is to move large volumes of air using large diameter fan blades moving at a slow rotational speed. A simple fact is that large ceiling fans move more air than small ceiling fans. Even at lower speeds, the cooling effect of large-bladed fans is similar to that of the high velocity fans with smaller fan blades.

Summer Fan Operation (Forward Mode)
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Summer Fan Operation (Forward Mode)

HVLS fans were developed to efficiently deliver comfort to humans and animals by generating the evaporative cooling effect: when evaporating the perspiration on human skin, a wind chill effect is created, thereby making you feel cooler. This technology delivers the results comparable to air conditioners, yet consumes less energy. Evaporative cooling makes summer cooling possible using our HVLS fans.

Winter Fan Operation (Reverse Mode)
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Winter Fan Operation (Reverse Mode)

In addition to HVLS ceiling fans providing comfort to workers and animals in the summer time by delivering a wide column of cool air, another benefit is “winter warming”. When the fans are used in reverse direction, the warm air that often gets trapped in the ceiling area gets pushed downward, away from the ceiling and towards the floor. This is referred to as destratification. By re-circulating the warm air around the facility, the ambient temperature and comfort level of the room are increased and energy costs are reduced.

No other cooling system is as energy efficient as HVLS fans. In fact, studies have shown that businesses can lower or even eliminate the use of expensive air conditioning systems with an optimized HVLS ceiling fan solution. Refer to our list of Swifter® HVLS Fan Features and Benefits. Or, call us to find out more about how Swifter® HVLS ceiling fans can help your business save money.