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Industrial Evaporator Fans

An evaporator is the opposite of a condenser. Whereas a condenser transforms a normally gaseous chemical into a liquid form, an evaporator turns a normally liquid chemical into a gas, through the process of evaporation. The most common example of the use of evaporators is in a steam system. The chemical in these systems is water. The water is fed into the evaporator where it encounters a heat source which evaporates the water into a gas vapor. In a steam heating system, this heated vapor is circulated through the area to be heated, where it circulates through tubing, or radiators. The vapor releases this built up heat into the atmosphere, heating the air, condensing the vapor back into water again, and then recirculating it back to the evaporator.

In evaporative cooling systems the converse is true. The cooled water or chemical used in the system, is exposed in the area to be cooled through piping, water jackets, or the like. The water/chemical absorbs excessive heat, vaporizes, and is then pumped back to the evaporator. At the evaporator, this excess heat is released, returning the chemical to a liquid again. A common example of this type of system is a power generating plant, which discharges huge amounts of overheated water while recirculating cooler water back through the system. Both of these systems require quality, precision engineered fans to disperse the excess energy built up in the system.

Swifter CTX Series industrial fans have proven to be a reliable and cost effective answer to both new and aftermarket solutions for evaporator fans. CTX Series fans are noted for their high reliability and superior performance in removing overheated air and cooling the chemical used in evaporative systems. CTX Series fan blades incorporate patented airfoil and are made of an inner foam core integrated with an outer FRP skin. The resulting single piece seamless slim line fan blades have no vent or drain holes, eliminating the possibility of dirt build-up inside the blade. This prevents undue fan unbalance that may sometimes be caused by build-up inside of hollow-core blades. Coupled with competitive initial costs and less expensive long term operation expense, it is easy to see why Swifter industrial fans are becoming the primary choice of new equipment manufacturers and retro-fitters alike.