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Industrial Condenser Fans

A condenser is used in industrial cooling systems to transform the coolant within the system from a gas into a liquid state. As refrigerant returns in a gaseous form to the condenser from the area being cooled, it carries with it excess heat extracted from the atmosphere in the cooled location. Typically heat exchangers surround a compressor. The gas flows through the heat exchangers, where it is cooled by one or more, large, powerful fans before being routed through the compressor, where it is liquefied. It is then pumped back through the system as a liquid, where its transformation into the gaseous state creates a cooling effect. As it turns gaseous, it flows through the system, picking up excessive heat and recycling again to the condensing unit to start the process all over again.

A vital element of any condensing system is the capability of the fan to move significant volumes of air across the heat exchangers. This air movement removes the excess heat from the refrigerant so it can be compressed into a liquid once again. The excess heat is removed to the atmosphere by the condenser fan or fans, usually mounted near the top of the condenser unit. The fan circulates outside air through the heat exchangers, cooling the gas inside them. This air picks up that excess heat and the fan blows it through the grating at the top of the condenser unit. Condenser units are typically located outside the building they are cooling. They are connected to the air conditioning system of the building by a return line that returns the gaseous refrigerant to the condenser and by a supply line that circulates the liquid refrigerant through the building's air conditioning system.

Swifter fans optimize air movement and generate less noise levels within the condenser. With patented airfoil design, the swifter industrial fan not only produce maximum air movement with minimal noise pollution, but they are also extremely efficient in terms of energy use. This factor alone accounts for significant savings in the overall cost of air conditioning large commercial buildings, manufacturing facilities, and even warehouses. The CTX industrial fan blades are unique in their design as they incorporate a high density inner foam core with a fiberglass outer skin. The resultant fan blades are far less susceptible to warping and vibration. All these factors make the CTX fans the optimum choice for both new construction and replacement of existing condenser fans.